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Woodworking is an art form. It allows me to be creative and wood is the medium I use to express my artistic talents. The process of creating a project begins when I pick up a piece of wood and ends when I hand over a completed project. The most important aspect of woodworking for me is a satisfied customer. Seeing the expression on their face when I reveal a custom made, one of a kind item is what it is all about for me, it is the reason I do this.

I began woodworking several years ago to fill a need. My kids wanted computer desks so I began the hunt but I couldn’t find anything I liked. The desks were not what they were looking for or the over all quality was just not right. That’s when I thought ‘Hey, I can build them what they need’, and I did. That was the start of everything; I went to Algonquin College and took their Cabinetmaker Course and received my diploma.

After purchasing a few basic tools, I was off to the races making things for friends and family. Soon, people saw what I was doing and suddenly I was making things for other people who appreciated my woodworking talents. The garage workshop is one of my most favourite places in my home, it is where my talents and mind can run wild; it’s where I can get creative.

I am a woodworking hobbyist who enjoys working with his hands to create things from wood that people will cherish for a long time.


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