Customer Testimonials

Thank you to all who contribute testimonials to this website. Your comments and praises are very appreciated.

I purchased a cutting board as a Christmas gift and it was beautiful. The gift was very much appreciated too!

– Tara

We needed a unique wedding gift for a young bride.We bought a beautiful cutting board from Don.
The bride and groom were thrilled… they couldn’t stop touching it when they opened our gift.
Burned into the wood on the back we had their names,our names and the date.

– Judy and Mike

Purchased a cutting board from Don as a Christmas present. The board was made extremely well, the look and feel were amazing. The recipient was extremely pleased, and continues to profess how much they love this cutting board. Excellent work Don!

– Jeff

I bought a cheeseboard for my mom for Christmas and she was super happy with it! It was very elegant and she uses it all the time with guests. You get a really good selection of styles to choose from – it’s impossible to go wrong!

– Andree

I bought a chess board for my husband’s birthday… and it is the first time in a long while since I have nailed a WOW from him when he saw it. So needless to say: Highly recommended!

– Suzanne

I have the most beautiful backgammon board hand made by Don. The detail and beauty of this piece will not be found anywhere else. He is amazing at turning pieces of wood into something extraordinary. I have other pieces made from Don and they all have the detail and hard work put into them.

– Megan Haas

I recently picked up a wine rack from Don. The quality and workmanship is excellent. I’m extremely pleased with Dons work.

– Jeff

I wanted an original gift for my boyfriend, something unique and innovative. When I saw some of Don’s work, I knew he would be the perfect person to speak to about it. My boyfriend loves playing chess with his son, but my mom & I have a deep love of backgammon… after a few conversations and some measurements, I left the creativity to him. The result was a beautiful chess board with a backgammon insert. Not only is it a work of art and beautiful beyond anything you could ever find in a store, but it’s built very well and many visitors (even those who do not enjoy board games) are often drawn to it and remark on it’s exquisiteness. I could not be happier with my purchase and highly recommend anyone with a wooden gift in mind to speak to Don and have his skilful hands bring your idea(s) to life!

– Brigitte

I needed a very custom liquor cabinet that would fit in a tight space in my house. Don built me a beautiful cherry side cabinet that did the trick. Just over waste high with three top shelves and three doors beneath the shelves. Two doors had shelves and the last had a wine rack. Absolutely perfect!

– Chris M

After seeing some of Don’s work, I asked him if he could make a cribbage board shaped like Alberta for my best friend. It turned out amazing, as you can see in the gallery, and my best friend was very appreciative of the craft and skill of the final product. Thanks Don!

– Darren

Don created a fantastic cutting board for my parents. A perfect addition to their kitchen.

– Chris R.

Don hand-crafted a beautiful and playful “Jasper Park Lodge” distance sign for our cottage sign post this past Christmas, a gift for my sweetie, conceived from some basic information from me and inspiration from Don’s own trip out west this year. Like the other signs on our post, it denotes the distance from the lake and an arrow shape, but also features unique materials Don used to re-create JPL’s stone and wood entryway, and even a black bear to capture some of our fondest memories of life and work in that natural setting those 30+years ago! Thanks Don, it’s a real keeper!

– Wood enthusiasts ~ Hawk Lake

After searching for what seemed like an eternity for a high quality, hand-crafted cribbage board and coming up empty handed time and again, I discovered Don Rideout via his website. I intended to give the board as a Christmas gift, but once Don provided me with photographs of several boards from which to choose, I was smitten. I broke down and bought myself one as well. Although the timing was tight for Don to to make and ship both boards in time for Christmas, he didn’t disappoint. He stayed in close contact with me throughout the process, even offering to gift wrap them to save time at the receiving end (actually, he confessed that he was volunteering his wonderful wife to gift wrap!). The high level of quality and craftsmanship of the boards were an equal match to Don’s good humour and excellent customer service. My friend and I both now enjoy playing on stunning boards, made with obvious care and attention to detail, with the finest quality materials. Thanks, Don!

– Denise

I was looking for a unique Christmas gift for my wife. A few years ago I had purchased some maple church pews from her childhood church. I contacted Don (who I had traded the pews too for two amazing hand crafted cutting boards the contained wood from the pews) too see if had any of the wood left. He did and I requested a jewelry box. Don sat down with me and took me through the design process. The jewelry box turned out exquisite and my wife was very surprised and eladed. He even added a number monikers from one of the pews to the bottom of the box. His attention to detail is to be commended. I highly recommend Don for any project you have in mind.

– Ed

We wanted a cubby for the kids in our mudroom and could only find them in US. We asked Don to make one for us and LOVE it!!! The kids are used to it from daycare so they are able to put their stuff away on their own! It looks great in our entrance!!!

– Lisa