09 Aug 2012

Website complete(ish)….now back to woodworking


I am neither a photographer nor a web developer but somehow, they have come together on this site.

It has taken me about a week of dabbling but I think this site is fairly complete. A lot more work than I thought but I’m satisfied with it.

Now I can move on to more important things. I have a Yoga meditation bench to complete for a client and a bed to start for a very special someone….my granddaughter.

Stay tuned….

2 Responses to Website complete(ish)….now back to woodworking
  1. Well it is a good thing for the photographers that you are not one….. you would blew out the competition! Great looking website and it was time it was online! Good luck!

  2. Nice job on the site, very well done indeed. Clean crisp and not to busy.

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